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It's designed for everyone 

Each lesson is clearly structured so that you'll be able to re-cap on the previous lesson, learn new material as set out in the aims of the lesson and then watch how the compositions that you played in that lesson are presented professionally.

A description of the content of each lesson is given below:

Lesson 1 How to play the basic notes called Tete and Ke with exercises
Lesson 2  How to play the intermediate notes called Na and Ghe with exercises
Lesson 3 An exercise for all the notes learnt in Lessons 1 and 2
Lesson 4 How to play the advanced notes Tin, Dha and Dhin with exercises
Lesson 5 Rhythms: How to play Tin Taal (16 beats)
Lesson 6 Rhythms: How to play 8 beats (Keherva Taal), 7 beats (Roopak Taal) and 6 beats (Dadra Taal)
Lesson 7 How to play a basic Kaida (classical composition) with variations and ending
Lesson 8  How to play the advanced note phrase called TiTa with exercises
Lesson 9  How to play an advanced Kaida (classical composition) with variations
Lesson 10 How to play an advanced Kaida (classical composition) with variations and ending

About Tabla Course:

Tabla: A Beginner's Course

An introductory set of 10 lessons that can be downloaded to your device

This step-by-step downloadable Tabla course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the Tabla.

The course is broken down into 10 lessons and contains over 3 hours of instructional material.

It's Simple and Easy to Follow

The course begins with precise and clear explanations of the simple notes and exercises to get you started.

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll be able to move on to some well known rhythms called 'Taal' helping you to learn to play with other instruments. 

You'll complete the course with some popular types of classical compositions. The ones chosen in this course are played by all the top professionals so you'll be learning authentic pieces straight away.

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