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About Tabla Works

Where learning Tabla and Harmonium is made simple

Our aim is to make learning the art of Tabla and Harmonium accessible to anyone in the world by developing highly professional downloadable instructional courses.

The benefits of learning by download at Tabla Works

By downloading the course, anyone can learn the Tabla or Harmonium wherever they are, at their own convenient time and at their own pace. Also, the ability to view a lesson several times in more detail helps build the solid foundation that is vital to learning a musical instrument. And if they wish to, a person can review any part of the course at any time so that, if necessary, technique can be continually refined.

Making the first ever downloadable Tabla Course

Sulekh's goal was to make his instructional courses as close to one-to-one teaching as possible. He believes that explaining all the aspects of music playing as he would normally do in a private lesson is exactly the approach that students can relate to. In order to achieve this personal feel, it was very important that all the lesson videos were produced using a broadcast quality camera and microphone. This enables the student to not only see precisely where each note is being played especially on Tabla but more importantly to hear a near perfect representation of its sound. By making the camera his student, Sulekh has produced the first ever downloadable Tabla course.

about tabla works

We bring Tabla to you

Sulekh Ruparell is the founder of Tabla Works. As well as being a performance artist and producer, he has always had a passion for teaching Indian music. His philosophy is based on a straightforward, step-by-step approach that is fun, relaxing and easy to follow.The idea of establishing Tabla Works was to make accessible his unique coaching methods to anyone wishing to learn. This is gradually being achieved by creating structured courses in Tabla, Harmonium and Vocal in high definition video lessons and making it available for anyone to download across all platforms to any device.