Tabla Works

Tabla and Harmonium Lessons on Zoom

One-to-one lessons with Sulekh that develop your playing

If you'd like to have specialist coaching in Tabla or Harmonium, then Sulekh's personal and highly professional Zoom sessions are ideal;. So whether you are a beginners wanting starter lessons, more specifc advanced tips or would simply like enhance those skills that you have already gained in the courses, one-to-one zoom lessons cover all bases.

  • Fundamentals of Tabla or Harmonium / Vocal
  • Classical Tabla Compositions and Taal (beat cycles)
  • Rhythms for Accompaniment
  • Harmonkum Beginner- Advanced Level
  • Specific Songs that you always wanted to play
  • (Bollywood, Bhajan, Ghazal, Qwwalli, and Semi-Classical)

Whether you are just starting out and would like some guidance on the fundamentals of Tabla or you are more experienced and require in-depth knowledge of a specific rhythm or composition, personal Zoom lessons with Sulekh could be exactly what you need to go one step further.

Book a Zoom lesson

Get in touch by email at and ask about how it all works. Then simply book your Zoom class at a convenient time and get started!