Tabla Works



There is nothing like this product on the market. These Tabla lessons are perfectly pitched at the beginner; they instil confidence through a well-proportioned mix of theory and practice, with simple exercises to reinforce the knowledge taught in each lesson. The lessons are well-paced and easy to follow, without being overly simple. I enjoyed working through the lessons and I am sure I will refer back to them as I progress my practice. 

Shayna Barby

Tabla – A beginner’s Course brings the teacher into the home. The course of 10  lessons is structured very well, with each lesson following a similar format. There are simple descriptions of the fundamental principles, useful Tabla Tips which includes advice on common errors and how to avoid them, together with recaps and reminders of what is important to good playing. At the end of each lesson Sulekh plays a brief summary of what has been taught which really gave me something to aspire to. I am thoroughly enjoying the course and highly recommend it as an aid to a beginner, or to a more experienced player wanting to benefit from the convenience and excellent teaching from Sulekh.

Kevin Shepherd

Sulekh’s online Tabla lessons are a great introduction to a wonderful instrument. His instructions are so clear and simple, guiding you through hand positioning alongside simple exercises that make you want to practice over and over again. His lessons make it possible to pick up a Tabla and play with no prior knowledge of the instrument or any previous percussion skills - I am now a convert to Tabla playing…thank you Sulekh!

Emma Charvet

Tabla is a notoriously complex instrument to learn. This lesson series by Sulekh Ruparell, simply and clearly explains the technical aspects of playing bol, taal and kaida while teaching the optimal way of generating a great sound. I have been very impressed with the format and clarity in this set of classes  and would warmly recommend them as the best I have seen available for Tabla.

Pravin Muthiah

Sulekh explains very clearly, and in great detail, how to play the basic Tabla strokes and compositions, and correct many common mistakes in playing. Valuable for improving players and beginners alike.

Matthew Gray

This is a professionally delivered course with a substantial amount of content packed at foundation level. The lessons are progressive in that they cover concepts of theory, technique and exercises. The exercises in return provide a good practice tool to perfect the skills taught in each lesson.Whether one wishes to progress further in learning Tabla or for those already learning classical or devotional Hindustani music, this is an extremely useful and practical course to hone in the various techniques of rhythm and musical accompaniment.

Ray Rajagoplan